About Us

Smart Puppy trainers are selected for their experience, desire to continue learning and innate love for growing relationships between pups and their people. They go through vigorous training and shadow for some time before they start training groups on their own.  

Each trainer is dedicated to ensuring that puppies in the classes have positive, appropriate experiences that will help to set them up as happy, well balanced adult dogs.

All Smart Puppy trainers use positive reinforcement (force-free) methods of training.

Ongoing education is a cornerstone of Smart Puppy. Each trainer keeps up to date with latest training trends and attends continued professional development, to ensure that they are up to date with the latest thinking around puppy training. Smart Puppy also maintains membership of professional bodies like ABC (Animal Behaviour Consultants) where qualified behaviourists share scientific research information regarding animal behaviour.

The trainers have all worked their own dogs to advanced levels so they have a good understanding of what each owner experiences with their young pup as they start their training journey.

The training team members each have a great sense of humour, are patient and will treat you and your puppy with respect always. They are flexible and creative and will find different ways to ensure a positive result for you and your puppy. The team is open to new ideas and new ways of doing things - as long as the basis is positive and puts the needs of the puppy first and foremost.

contact us: 083 306 4599