During the course, your pup will learn many new essential life skills that they need as they start their journey towards happy, well balanced adulthood. Some skills may include interaction with other pups and people, focus on the puppy parent, self-management, exposure to new and unfamiliar experiences such as the agility tunnel and noise etc.

The puppy parent will be exposed to information regarding how the puppy learns, using positive reinforcement techniques and how to solve common problems at home such as biting, jumping up, potty training etc.

Some basic cues, such as loose lead walking, recall, leaving items, going to their bed/mat etc., will be covered.

All the classes are fun and interactive.

Please note that all free play is carefully managed to ensure that your pup has a positive experience. If you have a small breed puppy and are concerned about the free play element, ask us about our small breed only classes.

A puppy class course is five weeks.

Each class is one hour in length, running for five consecutive weeks at the venue and time you book.

Large breed pups can start classes between 8-16 weeks and small/medium breeds between 10-16 weeks.

All pups must be at least two weeks post their first vaccination before joining. This helps to ensure the health safety of all the pups in the class.  

The pup should ideally have been with you, in their new home for two weeks, before attending starting a puppy class course. This allows the puppy time to settle into their new home and not be too overwhelmed when starting classes.

Preferably the same person should train the puppy each week (we do understand if this is not possible). This consistency helps the puppy learn more quickly.  

Puppy Class

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